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A 900 Mile Journey to Feed the Soul

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June 2, 2013

There comes a moment in which the heart of a person will speak a single sentence, actually say it out loud, and then the mind of that person will scramble as fast as possible trying to translate what was just said. On a summer morning in 2012, The Year of the Dragon, I spoke the words to my Sifu, my Kung Fu teacher during a private class; “I am going on a long, long bike ride.” Knowing that a martial arts student never says a thing unless they mean it, he asked me the big questions. When, where and why? I thought about the answers. Eventually this was what I said.

“On June 2nd, in 2013, I will ride my hand cycle 900 miles from Sonoma Square going North, West, East and South as far as Monterey and back. “As I ride,” I said, “I will help to raise awareness and money for the End Polio Now Rotary International Campaign.”

I had polio as a child, and while I feel no sense of loss through the experience of walking with braces and crutches, none-the-less, I wish polio on no one. Which is the same as saying, if I can do something that will prevent someone from waking one morning with their legs paralyzed, well then, I will. From this wish, I have called this adventure, the 900 Mile End Polio Now Bike Tour.


That was a year ago. My friends showed up this morning by the dozens. Friends I have not seen for a decade or ones I just met last week, and from all walks of life, martial arts schools, local Rotary Clubs, family, as well as strangers who wanted to tag along to see what all the fun was about. This book is a journal of my daily travels. In it I tell the story of the greatest adventure of my life. No great adventure comes without friends who are like those individuals who cheer the runner along as they are approaching the final miles of a very long run. I have hundreds of friends who have wished me well with words and with their contributions to my several fund raisers. My heart swells when I think of all the kind words they have shared as encouragements in the adventure. Among those many friends I also have five sponsors.

The California Martial Arts Institute
The Sonoma Valley Rotary Club
Top End Invacare
Challenged Athlete Foundation
The Sonoma Valley Cyclery

If you wish to learn more about the End Polio Now campaign through Rotary International,
please go to