Harry and the Cat

Estella, a beautiful, dark hair, 17-Century, North American Native, has a secret.  She is not really a woman.  This female is a spotted leopard who discovered that unless she saves an ancient sycamore from the lumbermen of a local Scottish colony, her life and the lives of her entire family will be destroyed.  And not just her family, but if the tree is cut down then the children in the town will be wiped out from a coughing sickness. She has less than three seasons to come up with a plan before her tree is carried away as lumber. 


Harry and the Cat is a mythological story that shows the reader how to step back into the paradise that the Natives of North America and every child have always known.  The Garden of Eden is all around us. This is where happiness resides.  To step into happiness one only needs to take a walk through a forest, or along a sea shore, or in a desert, or climb a mountain, or sit under a tree.  


This story is also a reminder that if we hope to save our children’s home in this Earth, we must first learn to develop a relationship with Her.  We must fall in love with Her.  People will do great things for those they love.