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Moving Fast Sitting Still: A Nine Hundred Mile Journey to Feed the Soul

I am a Paralympian. 


My legs are paralyzed from the result of polio when I was young. 


My Nordic ancestors from Denmark believed that a warrior's injury is the source of great strength.


But only if I choose that attitude, they would say. 


In 2013 I rode my hand cycle 900 miles in the Rotary International End Polio Now Campaign. 

My training for the annual Good Will Hand Cycle Tours  continues.


Each year I choose to develop my strength and skill and discover what this amazing body can do one notch higher through training in long-distance endurance hand cycling. 


In June of 2023, I will peddle my handcycle 300 miles in my Rotary International End Polio Now Good Will Bike Tour in which I will raise awareness about the work Rotary is doing to eradicate polio from the planet.  


If you would like to assist me in helping to raise awareness, you are welcome to share this site with your friends. 


And if you are really enthused you are welcome to purchase a book or two.  Or you may visit my Gallery of Paintings page and have a painting or print shipped to your office or home. Many paintings are sold but don't be discouraged. Each is offered as a high quality, stretched canvas 'Giclee' print in a frame of your choice on my print site.   


Or, you can always make a gift to my efforts.  See the button below.  


See you on the road. 

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"Every Journey of the body requires a transformation of the beliefs that will get that journey done.  This is the story about my 900 mile journey on a hand cycle that caused me to throw out every thought that did not empower me.  As a result I learned to find happiness at each wide open plain, around every turn and in each face I met.  This is the story about how to become really happy." 

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End Polio Now Rotary International Project: Learn more

In 1985 Rotary International decided to help eradicate polio. In that year alone, over 300,000 people caught polio in 138 countries.  Most of them were under the age of five.  Last year less than 500 people world wide caught polio.  But we aren't done.  You can help.  Touch the link below to learn more.  

The Challenged Athletes Foundation: learn about these people

The Challenge Athletes Foundation is another of my sponsors.  They support any Partial Abled Bodied person to participate in athletic adventures.  Whether they are injured soldiers from wars, or children partly paralysed from illness, CAF will offer training, equipement, and award grants.  Touch the link below to learn more. 

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